Towel Dress

57.71$ 18.31$

Would you like to have a beautiful microfiber towel?
Are you tired of towels that are not original?
You can’t miss our magic microfiber towel!
Several patterns and colors are available so you can choose the model you like the most!

Isn’t life beautiful? You are likely to find the color you like. The microfiber used allows you to perfectly absorb all the water present on your body and guarantee you optimal drying!
This towel is magical because it can be transformed into a dress with a snap of a finger ! Easy to wear, no risk of the towel falling down. This makes it easy to wear and it dries your entire body. Microfiber is the best way to absorb water and moisture. This magic towel is essential for taking care of your body while enjoying a beautiful towel!
Order your towel now and embark on a colorful and soft world.

Not sold in store.
Our towels are deposit at Inpi.


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